Harpoon beer + running with New Balance = Harpoon 1906!

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As you know, we love running here at Harpoon. After each of our own races we produce through our charitable arm, Harpoon Helps, there is always fresh Harpoon beer served to cheers with and enjoy. That’s why we weren’t surprised when our friends at New Balance came to us asking if we would like to celebrate all things running in Boston along with their “Nobody Runs Like Boston” campaign. And you know what happens when two Boston companies get together at a brewery? Why, we make an awesome beer, of course!

New Balance was looking for a small batch created with running in mind. Our brewers came up with Harpoon 1906: a refreshing, sessionable saison that is light in color and slightly hazy. It features pale, wheat, Munich, and Bonlander malts and a generous dose of Amarillo hops and ground orange peel. The Amarillo and peel provide a slight citrus aroma on top of the fruity and clove-like esters of the Belgian saison yeast. Harpoon 1906 comes in at 4.9% ABV and is perfect to enjoy after your run, whether you ran a quick mile or the full 26.2!

Harpoon 1906 is available in limited quantities at the Harpoon Beer Hall in Boston. Need another reason to stop by and enjoy it? In true Harpoon Helps fashion, we are donating $1 per pint sold to the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Fund, which funds innovative research and clinical programs in trauma healing and limb reconstruction at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Stepping Strong was established by the family of the very inspiring Gillian Reny—a young, pre-professional dancer who was critically injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Can’t make it to the brewery? Harpoon 1906 will also be on tap at Solas at the Lenox Hotel on Boylston Street from Friday April 17th until Marathon Monday, the 20th. Solas is New Balance’s host bar for the week of the Boston Marathon and has also committed to donating $1 per pint to Stepping Strong.

We hope you can stop by soon for a pint. And remember the wise words of New Balance: “Nobody Runs like Boston!”

Join us for a Fall Get Together!

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This Wednesday, October 23rd from 7:30-9:30pm we’ll be hosting our dear friends and South Boston neighbors from the Laboure Center for a festive Fall Get Together. Tickets are $20 and include 2 pints of Harpoon beer and snacks. There is no better way to celebrate all the wonderful ways Laboure helps our community than to come down, enjoy your favorite fall beer and hear how you can get involved!

In preparation of the event, we sat down with Judy Swanson, Development & Volunteer Coordinator of the Laboure Center and asked her about the center and the great work they do.


What is the Laboure Center and what services do you offer?

Laboure is a social service agency providing health, education and social services to over 3000 clients annually. We are a service site of Catholic Charities-serving people of all faiths that are in need. We have been part of the community since 1906.

We offer: Early Childhood services, mentoring for teens, tutoring for middle school students, counseling services, public health visits to elderly, and job training for nurse assistant /home health aide certification.

Can you tell us about your mentoring program?

Our mentoring program matches at risk youth with caring adults for a one year period. Each mentor is matched with a youth that has similar interests and each mentor agrees to meet monthly with the youth.

We are looking forward to hosting you in our Beer Hall! Can you tell us what to expect at the event?

We expect to have guests that are both young and old (currently I have about 60 preregistered) but expect most to be at the door. We hope for those that are new to interest them in volunteering or attending events at Laboure!

How do I buy tickets?

They can buy tickets ahead at www.ccab.org/events or buy them at the door the evening of the event.

After your event at Harpoon, what else do you have coming up?

After our event we have Christmas House Tour and we will have save the date cards to distribute and opportunities for volunteering at that event.

Anything else you’d like to share?

What else to share??- We LOVE Harpoon!


The feeling is mutual! We hope you can join us on Wednesday to raise a pint to this great organization!

To buy tickets: www.ccab.org/events

Brewed for Boston Nights to benefit One Fund Boston

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With the events in Boston last week, we were left heartbroken. Like you, we feel helpless knowing that people of our city are suffering and just wondered what we could do to help. One week after the attack, many of us at Harpoon are still feeling that way, so we have been trying to educate ourselves on ways that we can help:

  1. Join us in the Harpoon Beer Hall for Brewed for Boston Nights. We’ll be extending our hours the next three Tuesday nights from 6 – 9pm, starting tomorrow April 23rd, and will donate 100% proceeds from beer and pretzel sales to One Fund Boston.
  2. If you are still searching for a loved one, call the Mayor’s hotline at 617-635-4500. Another good resource is Google Person Finder, found at http://google.org/personfinder/2013-boston-explosions/.
  3. List yourself in the Red Cross’ Safe and Well directory at http://www.redcross.org/find-help/contact-family/register-safe-listing.
  4. If you have the means, we encourage you to donate to The One Fund, the Boston chapter of the American Red Cross or area hospitals that housed the 100+ people injured.
  5. Donate blood in the next couple of weeks. Blood banks are not in need of new donations at the moment, but will be in the next few weeks as their supply dwindles after this increase in need. People can call 1-800-RED CROSS or go to redcrossblood.org to schedule an appointment to give blood in the next few weeks. Also, consider joining us at the Seaport Community Blood Drive June 12th near our Boston Brewery.

We hope this inspires you to come up with a way to help our neighbors and victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy.


Harpoon Helps Contributes $830,000 to Charity in 2012

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I sought a job at Harpoon because I had fallen in love with Harpoon IPA.  I figured that a company that made something I loved so dearly must be a wonderful place to work.  Maybe it wasn’t the ideal job search method, but thankfully my intuition was correct (phew!).  What began for me as a deep appreciation for a company that brews my favorite beer was soon compounded by a great admiration for a company that cares passionately for their community.  For me, I’d hit the job mother lode.

HarpoonHelpsCollageFast forward a few years (give or take a decade), and I feel just as fortunate to work for a company that brews my favorite beer (still IPA) and where I not only have the option, but am encouraged to work alongside my co-workers and friends to do good things within our community.  What “things”?  Great question!

Earlier this year about 25 of us plunged into the frigid waters of Boston Harbor to help raise money for Save the Harbor Save the Bay.  Then a couple months later in May, 100 Harpooners and more than 200 beer-loving volunteers put on a road race at the brewery to raise money for the Angel Fund and ALS research.  Most recently about 60 Harpooners and close to 600 volunteers (again, beer-loving) helped decorate homeless shelters and local non-profit organizations for the holidays.  That’s just a snippet of some of the “things” you had asked about earlier, but there are many more.

All of the aforementioned events are part of Harpoon Helps, our charitable giving/volunteer program here at the brewery.  The Harpoon Helps program came to fruition in 2003.  At that point the brewery had been hosting fundraisers, volunteer outings, and donating beer for fundraising efforts as long as anyone here can remember.  But the “Harpoon Helps” name put it all under one roof and it enabled us to focus more intently on expanding our role within the community.  Titles are good like that sometimes, especially alliterative ones.

Now to get to the point of why I am writing this blog post (finally, I know!)! We are very proud, excited and a little bit dumbfounded to announce that in 2012, the Harpoon Helps program has raised more than $530,000 and contributed close to $300,000 in in-kind donations to support local charitable organizations.  That’s $830,000 total!  It’s wonderful.

And you can bet we’re going for a million in 2013.  Who’s in?  I’m in, especially if there’s an IPA in it for me somewhere.

Cheers with Grateful Harvest this Thanksgiving!

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We here at the brewery are big fans of food banks and the work they do, and have supported them in the past with in-kind product donations for events, monetary contributions, volunteerism, and special events. A couple of years ago, we came up with the idea of Grateful Harvest Cranberry Ale, another way for us to support local food banks during the Thanksgiving season. We donate $1 per 6-pack of Grateful Harvest Cranberry Ale sold to the local food bank where the beer was purchased. We anticipate we’ll be making a $35,000 donation this year, bringing our three year total to $85,000! This is split between 30 food banks, which each support numerous food pantries, and provide healthy, complete meals to thousands of our neighbors. To let each food bank know of our upcoming donation, we sent them each a 6-pack to enjoy, and we received a few great photos we wanted to share with you!

Our friends at the Connecticut Food Bank, where we volunteer for Harpoon Helps missions, enjoy Grateful Harvest!

Staff at the Food Bank of Western New York enjoy their Grateful Harvest!

The clever Philabundance crew cheers with Grateful Harvest!

Mark, Executive Director of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, enjoys Grateful Harvest on a crisp fall day!


Our friends from the Capital Area Food Bank enjoy our beer in Texas!

To find Grateful Harvest in stores near you, please use our Beer Finder tool, here: www.harpoonbrewery.com/beerfinder. Grateful Harvest pairs very well with the traditional Thanksgiving meal, so share a 6-pack with your family this year, and know you are helping to support your local food bank!


You’re invited!

If you are in the neighborhood of a British Beer Company this evening, please join us for a pint! All 12 British Beer Company locations will be tapping a keg of Grateful Harvest at 5pm today, and proceeds from each pint will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. Please visit http://www.britishbeer.com  for a list of locations. This is the only place you are able to enjoy Grateful Harvest on draft. We hope to see you there!

Thinking of those affected by Hurricane Sandy

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Having our brewery homes in New England, we are no stranger to unexpected weather patterns, but it seems that no one could have predicted the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to our neighbors in the states to the south of us. We know we are not the only ones that have been asking – how can we help?

We reached out to our friends at the Vermont Foodbank for their guidance. Judy, the Vermont Foodbank’s Director of Communication, let us know that her colleague Ed was asked by their national network, Feeding America, to aid five food banks in New York and New Jersey in their recovery efforts. After experiencing Hurricane Irene and its resulting devastation to the state of Vermont last year, Ed and his team know firsthand the best ways to help after a natural disaster, and are extremely useful to Feeding America, who is a member of the National Voluntary Relief Organizations Active in Disaster, (NVOAD), a coalition of disaster relief organizations that is among the first responders called upon to assist with relief and recovery during a national emergency.


How you can help:

  • Make a donation to a Feeding America Food Bank   Food banks in the affected areas are asking for financial support at this time. You can find a list of food banks in the affected regions at www.feedingamerica.org. Monetary donations to the pre-existing programs in these areas ensure that funds go directly to helping food relief agencies provide meals to those that were affected, those that are displaced and the first responders in those areas.
  • Raise a Toast!  On Thursday, November 15th at 5pm we’ll be starting the Thanksgiving season a week early by sending our Grateful Harvest Cranberry Ale to each of the British Beer Company’s 12 locations, the only place it can be found on draft. Proceeds from each pint of Grateful Harvest purchased will be donated to the local food bank, each a member of Feeding America’s network.

If you can’t make it to the British Beer Company on November 15th, Grateful harvest can be found in local package stores.  For every 6-pack of Grateful Harvest sold, we’ll donate $1 per 6-pack to the food bank in the area where it was purchased. All Feeding America food relief agencies are banding together to ensure no one in these areas goes without a warm, healthy meal, and every donation helps! To find Grateful Harvest near you, use our Beer Finder: www.harpoonbrewery.com/beerfinder.

To our neighbors who were affected by the hurricane, please know we are thinking of you! We know there may be a long road to recovery ahead of some of you, but please know we’ll be doing what we can to help during this time. We encourage all of you, our Harpoon Helpers, to do what you can to help our neighbors affected.

Now Posted: Harpoon Octoberfest Race Video!

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The 2012 Harpoon Octoberfest Race may be over, but the memories live on! Relive the day with our first ever race video and our photo gallery!

Thank you to our runners and volunteers who helped us raise over $27,000 for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and thanks to Harrison Buck and Bucknaked Visual Works for producing this video for us!

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